14 Oktober 2019
14 Oktober 2019, Kommentare Kommentare deaktiviert für 5 HL in EDINBURGH

From September 24th to October 1st, the 5 HL went on their language week to Edinburgh, Scotland. After our arrival at the airport, we were directly driven to the language school, from where we started a first orientation tour. Hungry and tired we met our really nice host families in the evening.

The next morning we went to school by bus, which wasn’t easy in the beginning. At school our teacher Helen was a ‘crazy’, motivated, lovable and funny woman. She did her best to teach us English. After the classes we often went sightseeing with our teachers Ms Haring and Ms Gonzales. Together we visited the most important sights in Edinburgh, like Edinburgh Castle, the Dungeons or the Statue of Greyfriars Bobby.

On Saturday we went to St. Andrews, where we had a nice and sunny day by the beach. We also visited the old castle and met Bella, the language assistant from last school year.

Generally we spent the evenings on our own – except once, where we went to the Edinburgh Playhouse and saw the musical ‘Mamma Mia’, which was amazing. As far as food is concerned, all of us tried some traditional food like fish & chips and  scones (a kind of cake). No matter where and what we ate, it was always delicious!

All in all, we had a great time and also gained lots of experience for life (for example how to cross the street there because the cars come from the ‘wrong’ direction…).

Johanna Dissauer, Jessica Pucher